No matter what kind of a modular kitchen design you choose, it is necessary that you follow certain safety guidelines that will ensure you are safe in your kitchen and make cooking a pleasant experience. The safety guidelines are designed keeping in mind the children and senior citizen present in your home.
To help you cook efficiently and keep yourself and your family members safe, here are some modular kitchen safety guidelines that you must follow on a regular basis:

  • Lighting: The kitchen area should be well lit so that everything is visible. The cabinet interiors should also be visible. Choose bright coloured walls which reflect light and make the space look well lit and clean. Install task lights to focus on specific areas (such as baking, mixing, etc.) for a better cooking environment.
  • Wear Appropriate Clothing: Make sure you wear cotton clothes when cooking. Avoid clothes with long sleeves, since the sleeves can catch fire easily. Wear an apron when cooking to avoid soiling of clothes and protect yourself from hot spills.
  • Keep the Cooking Area Germ Free: In order to make sure you prepare healthy food, it is necessary that you keep the cooking area free of germs. So wash your hands before cooking, clean the stove, countertops and walls immediately after cooking to avoid mould growths. Use a mild cleanser to clean the surfaces once in a while to avoid bacterial growths. Keep the kitchen clean and tidy to avoid insect infestations. Keep the surfaces dry to prevent cockroaches, ants, etc.
  • Secure the Gas Cylinders: Gas cylinders should never be exposed to direct heat. When designing a modular kitchen make a separate compartment for the cylinder in use and make another compartment to store away extra cylinders. Make sure the compartments are spacious enough. Keep the nozzle sealed even if the cylinders are empty. In case of gas leakage, open all doors and windows and shut down all electrical equipment immediately. Don’t turn on the burners for at least an hour. Turn off all the gas burners and gas cylinder when you are not cooking.
  • General Kitchen Safety:There are a few general kitchen safety guidelines that everyhomeowner should follow:
  •        Label all the ingredients.
  •        Don’t keep similar looking ingredients such as (baking powder, cornflour, etc. ) together.
  •        Use oven mitts when handling hot pans, dishes, etc.
  •        Use electrical equipment carefully.
  •        Store away knives, scissors, etc. away from the reach of children.
  •        Read the user manuals very carefully before operating a new appliance.
  •        Place a fire extinguisher within reach, so that you can make use of it during emergencies.
  •        Never keep any equipment unattended.

It is important that you follow the safety guidelines while setting up the kitchen and while using it to ensure no accidents occur. These are some of the basic safety guidelines and you will be provided with a detailed safety guidelines document along with the modular kitchen manuals. Stay safe and enjoy cooking!