Modular Kitchen Shapes
L shaped modular kitchen designs

By far, the most common design in modern Indian kitchens, this type of kitchen utilises two adjoining walls of the kitchen that meet each other perpendicularly. This is why the L-shape kitchen provides a continuous working platform, allowing for a convenient and easy movement along the work areas, without any clutter or hindrance.
The L-shape may be a common kitchen layout, but KUTCHINA – the best modular kitchen brand in India offers L-shaped modular kitchens offer unmatched versatility, functionality, and design flexibility, while saving ample space.Our L-shaped kitchen designs come with a corner space that can be effectively utilised by converting it into a storage space, installing fittings, keeping appliances on top, and storing LPG cylinders under the counter top, etc.
For additional counter space, you could add an extension on either side of the platform to be used as a breakfast counter or for quick meals, while lengthening one leg of the ā€œLā€ can increase the counter space and storage areas significantly.

Ideal for:This type of kitchen design is a great option for studio apartments, kitchen-cum-dining areas, open kitchens, and homes where the kitchen shares space with a family room.