Modular Kitchen Shapes
Island shaped modular kitchen designs

Island kitchens are typically designed with a centrally placed countertop that’s unattached to the main kitchen area. And since, this kitchen area is easily accessible from all sides, an island layout adds to the functionality of a kitchen, providing ease of movement and unhindered work traffic. The island was basically designed for serving the purpose of additional space required for food preparation and cooking support, but today, families increasingly use the island as a table for breakfasts and for sharing quick bites.
Recently, more innovative and latest modular kitchen designs have arrived where the central island is fitted with a sink or waste disposal unit for washing and chopping vegetables and fruits, wherein the peels and other waste material could be directly disposed off.  Some islands are designed with cabinets and drawers to store utensils, cutlery or other kitchen accessories. The countertop is usually waist high or its height can be customised. Overhead lights ensure the centrepiece is well-lit.
If you’re planning to place the hob and/or the sink on the central unit, you must take proper measure for optimum usage and safety. For instance,the space must be large enough to accommodate the suspended extractor hood and the outlets for the gas and water pipes. Also,the electrical wiring must be placed in the centre of the room.
But island kitchens are not just about functionality, it’s an interesting concept that adds a style quotient to modern homes. Plus, since the island is freely accessible from all sides, it allows interaction with family or guests who may be seated in the extended living room.

Ideal for: Homes and apartments with open kitchen-cum-living room. We recommend this layout for homes that have a fairly large kitchen space.