Modular Kitchen Shapes
G shaped modular kitchen designs

The most important benefit of a G-shaped kitchen design is its virtually unlimited storage space. While this type of kitchen design is pretty much similar to the U-shaped kitchen, it’s bigger in space and more practical when it comes to optimally utilising a big kitchen area.
KUTCHINA’s G-shaped kitchen designs makes effective utilisation of space while providing huge opportunities to expand the counter space even more for big families. Our G-shaped kitchens combine the benefits of the U-shaped design with the added “C” shape that offers more space for storage or can even be improvised into a small breakfast counter.
With enough storage options in a G-shaped kitchen, you can store not only your appliances, utensils, and kitchen accessories, but you can also neatly tuck away your monthly groceries and other knick-knacks that may come handy while working in the kitchen.

Ideal for: Big homes and joint families where more than one person may need to work in the kitchen simultaneously. Since this layout offers ample space for prepping up, cooking, and serving out the meals, you can incorporate this kitchen style within a big dining space. Check out our latest modular kitchen designs here.