Turning Old Kitchen Designs To New

Turning Old Kitchen Designs To New

As homes in urban and semi-urban India move more into apartments, we find a significant transformation in the kitchen designs. Apart from the space constraints, residents have started expecting much more from innovative designs for the cost that they are willing to pay. Hence the demand of modular kitchens are significantly increasing over the last decade.

Catching on to the above trend, we are also finding residents of old format homes also willing to revamp their kitchens to modern designs. Online browsing analytics show that on an average more than 2 lakhs urban internet users are doing research on new kitchen designs for their old homes.

For residents who are yet to put across a budget to implement a modular kitchen, we would like to put forward a few cost effective ways of transforming the old kitchens to a new look.

  • Restructure Cabinet Space: In older kitchens we normally would witness a significant amount of cabinets on the upper walls to keep the utensils and dishes. These cabinets, while initially installed with laminates, would fade out over time and consumed the view of the layout. Moving the cabinets to the lower part of the walls would increase the visual space, leaving option of fresh colours or floating shelves to keep few decorative items and dishware
  • Use Metal Finishes: Usage of metallic finishes like chrome, brushed aluminium, stainless steel, nickel, copper on as many materials as possible makes the kitchen look trendy. Every opportunity of replacing cabinets, kitchen appliances like chimneys, hobs along with other hardware, pendant lighting etc, can be utilized to give a modern look to the old kitchen at a significant low price.
  • Make Seating Arrangements: One of the easiest way to modernize an old kitchen would be to make seating arrangements in the available space. The choices of seating may vary from countertop stools to a simple bench at a window side table, but will bring in a whole new appeal to the kitchen design. They are also convenient for the busy urban and semi urban families of India, where the parents can oversee the homework of children or entertain friends while being busy with cooking.
  • Use Energy Efficient Appliances: Apart from having a new look to the kitchen, it is also socially important to let visitors know that the household is environmentally aware. It is critical that energy efficient kitchen appliances like chimneys, hobs, dishwashers with smart energy conserving features replace the old ones to bring modern styling as well as save on water and energy costs. Remember updating the kitchen shouldn’t only be for aesthetics; it should help save on monthly costs and natural resources.
  • Knock Down Walls: If the budget allows some extra cost for the makeover of the kitchen, it might be worthwhile to consider that a couple of walls are knocked down to give a more open feeling to the kitchen.

There are several more ideas that can worked out to give a modern look to the old kitchen. That is why Kutchina – Modular Kitchen relies heavily on a team of expert consultant who are always aware of the price that the customer is willing to pay and draw out easy and innovative changes to the old kitchen.

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