Use Of Lacquered Glass In Kitchens

Use Of Lacquered Glass In Kitchens

Lacquered glass, coloured and opaque in appearance, is produced by depositing and then baking a coating of lacquer to one side of clear glass. Lacquer is a solution of film-forming materials, natural or synthetic, usually applied as an ornamental or protective coating.

The unison of coloured lacquer with the brilliance of glass provides the colour and ambiance to kitchen interiors. There are several ways in which the glass can be used to create smooth and homogenous surfaces like wall-panelling, counter tops and cabinet doors.

Lacquered glass is increasing gaining popularity in India compared to laminates in modern kitchen designs owing to several advantages that it provides:


The lacquer is applied to the back of the glass protecting it from damage and ensuring higher lifespan. Moreover because of its resistance to humidity, lacquered glasses becomes an obvious choice for the kitchen, which comes second to the bathroom when humidity is concerned. Its brilliance is far superior to that of gloss paints, which tends to fade off over time.

Inspiring modern-day design
The colours and effects on light providing through lacquered glass helps convey a bright and creative appearance for walls and kitchen furniture. Since the design is enhanced by the glass colour, it brightens up kitchen interiors and has an expanse effect on the surroundings with reflections and brilliance.


Tempered Lacquered glasses are highly recommended where the use of safety glass is required, making it an obvious choice for the kitchen environment.


Lacquered glass also helps to maintain a clean and non-polluted environment, thus helping the kitchen designs to bring out the eco-conscious thoughts of the home owner. The manufacturing of glass of this variety complies with the strictest regulations relating to the control of emissions of VOCs.

However it is also to be borne in mind that low price lacquer glasses are highly delicate and may be subject to changes in colour. For this reason, judging its quality is of extreme importance before taking a purchase decision and one needs to be extra cautious, especially if the purchase is done online.

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