7 Things All Smart Homeowners Should Do Once a Month

7 Things All Smart Homeowners Should Do Once a Month

The old adage “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” still holds true for homeowners. When it comes to keeping your home in tip-top condition, there are a number of maintenance tasks you need to do regularly to avoid future headaches and wasted money. You can also check some smart ideas to get more storage out of your kitchen. We have prepared a checklist of 7 important things that you need to do regularly –

  1. Clean the Built-in Oven

Spills and greasy build-ups make the interiors of your built-in oven dirty and cause an awful stench. Accumulation of charred food pieces on the oven surface can you’re your oven into a breeding space for germs. Cleaning them once a month will not only save you from the laborious scrubbing but will also help in increasing its working life.

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  1. Take care of your Kitchen Chimney

Most of the modern chimneys now come with an auto-clean feature. This saves a lot of time and energy. Modern chimneys feature an oil collector where the excess oil is sucked by the chimney. It’s important to remove the oil collector and clean it with hot water and detergent every month.

  1. Organise your Refrigerator

The leftover pizza, that half-eaten bowl of pasta, and that long-forgotten can of milk – you stuff your refrigerator with every possible thing and forget about it. That’s why it’s important to make sure that you clean and organise your refrigerator once a month before it turns into a cold garbage bin! Wipe the surface(even if you haven’t spilled anything) with equal parts of white vinegar and warm water.

  1. Do not forget the sinks and drain

From trapped hair to food particles – your kitchen and bathroom sink are some of the common sites where the nastiest germs breed. A monthly cleaning session with disinfectants is important to keep your sink and drain clean.

  1. Don’t forget the Air Conditioner (AC) Filters

Your AC needs regular maintenance for optimal functioning. The air filter of the air conditioning unit filters dirt and dust, keeping the air in your home fresh and clean. The dust and dirt particles accumulate in the air filter. And that’s why it’s recommended that you clean the air filter once a month so that the airflow isn’t obstructed.

  1. Water Heater

To keep the water heaters working right and for longer, monthly maintenance is crucial. Check for mineral deposits. Also, check the pipes, valves, and flush the water from the heater (when not in use). This ensures there is no sediment build-up in the heater. If you have an electric water heater, insulate it to reduce electricity bills and to maintain the water temperature for longer.

  1. Emergency Flashlight

Emergency flashlights are saviors during power cuts. However, the batteries need to be checked once a month. If they do not work properly, replace them. If it’s a non-battery powered one then make sure that you charge them completely for emergency situation.

Inspiring Ways to Uplift the Decor of Your Kitchen

Inspiring Ways to Uplift the Decor of Your Kitchen

Cooking becomes an enjoyable experience when your kitchen decor is right, and just the way you want it to be. When it comes to uplifting the decor of your kitchen, there are more ways to do it than you can imagine.

Here we discuss some of them (the inspirational ones):

  1. Use kitchen appliances as decorative accessories

Don’t just limit your kitchen appliances to their specific function. Instead, use them as decorative accessories. Plus, showcasing aesthetically-appealing appliances can add an inspirational element to your kitchen decor. Check efficient and visually appealing kitchen appliances at Kutchina – One of the best kitchen appliances company in India.

  1. Bring in greenery

Freshen up the aesthetics of your kitchen space by bringing in greenery. Shop for easy-to-maintain indoor plants such as Spider Plant, Aloe Vera, Areca Palm, Azalea, and Indian basil  and place them on countertops and table centers.

  1. Switch to better storage jars

Have open shelves in your kitchen? Using aesthetically appealing storage jars can drastically improve the overall look and feel of your kitchen. Choose storage jars that have a clean design for adding sophistication to your kitchen decor. Also, choose transparent jars to make it easier for you to choose the right ones without having to shuffle through each one of them.

  1. Hang window treatments

Spruce up your kitchen’s decor by using drapes that have refreshing designs.  However, do give a second thought on the type of drape you use as you don’t want it to get ruined from cooking stains.

  1. Improve the lighting

Bored with your kitchen’s decades-old light fixture? Try something new and inspirational; replace your existing light fixture with a colourful pendant. Changing your light fixture can totally transform your kitchen’s decor.

  1. Embrace contrasts

Contrasts are powerful; dark cabinets and countertops create a striking contrast with light wall colours. You can even use metal accents to create a dramatic contrasting effect in your kitchen.

  1. Install a modular layout

Modular layout is a must-have of every modern kitchen. By installing a modular design, you not only improve the overall aesthetic appeal of your kitchen, but also take the functionality several notches higher. Find out some pro modular kitchen design tips here that will help for 1st timers.

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