Planning A Puja Ghar In Your Kitchen? 9 Ways To Incorporate One

Planning A Puja Ghar In Your Kitchen? 9 Ways To Incorporate One

For centuries, homes have had puja ghar in their kitchen. With urban lifestyles favouring apartment living, homes today do not have a separate room for incorporating a puja area. Finding a nook or a corner for a puja ghar in the living or dining doesn’t always work. However, with careful planning, it can be added within the kitchen. Take a look at these 9 puja ghar ideas that can be implemented within your kitchen.

1. Puja in a modular cabinet

A cabinet near the wall, with a carved in door that sets it apart from the rest of the kitchen cabinets, can provide a space for puja in the kitchen.


The idols and accessories can be arranged on the shelves. The doors can be opened while performing puja. At other times, the puja space is behind closed doors to protect it from the smoke and grease.

2. On a raised platform

If you have a free countertop, getting a custom built platform that rests against the wall serves well as a puja space.


The idols can be displayed on the platform, whereas the puja items can be placed in the under-counter cabinets or drawers. Ensure that the space is at a distance from the stove so that it doesn’t get dirty with the residue of oil and smoke.

3. Got a storeroom? Make a puja ghar!

Some apartments come with a small pantry or store room attached. Instead of letting the space gather clutter by being used as a storage-shed, consider converting it into a puja space.


Build a door at the entrance to the pantry/storeroom to keep the space private.

4. Put those corners to use!

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By working with your interior designer, you can incorporate a puja unit into a corner of the kitchen to save space, like these custom-built units that make use of the dead space in the kitchen for a puja area.

5. Floating shelf with drawers

In these kitchens, the space at the entrance into the kitchen is converted to a puja space by using a floating shelf with drawers underneath. The shelves are used for displaying idols, while the puja accessories can be stored away in drawers.

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The addition of a colourful laminate/light/paint in the background enhances the beauty of the space, besides presenting an easy wipe-clean option.

6. Behind roll-down shutters or sliding doors


While designing your kitchen, allocate a column of shelves for the puja space. Install a roll-down shutter to cover the shelves or have sliding doors to save space while also keep the puja area clean and private.

7. Wall mounted shelving units

If you aren’t particular about having a large ledge with big idols, even a small shelving unit that can accommodate tiny statues and puja accessories can be fixed on an empty wall over the built-in countertop.

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8. Display cabinet as puja ghar


A wall display unit, like this one, can be built in a quiet corner of the kitchen and used as the puja space. Adding spotlights and a colourful background wall makes a puja unit in a kitchen as stunning as any other option.

9. Freestanding Mandir


If there’s no space for a built-in unit, a small readymade mandir can be used as the puja unit in the kitchen, like this gorgeous carved antique mandir unit in this home.

Which of these ideas would be the perfect for your home? Share your unique ideas in the comment section below. We’d love to hear from you!

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