8 Kitchen Organising Tips

8 Kitchen Organising Tips

Keeping your kitchen organised not just makes the cooking space look clean but it also helps you work quicker. Love the idea of having a neat and organised kitchen? Here are 8 tips to help you get started:

1. Organise items in shelves and cabinets
When storing different items on the shelves and cabinets, keep the ones you frequently use within reach. For instance, you might use a particular set of cooking ware often. Storing them in the top section (underneath the countertop) or at the end section (just above the countertop) helps in working efficiently.

2. Label containers or shelves
When you label and mark containers (for instance, as spices or dals) it becomes easier for you to find the items quickly at the time of cooking.

3. Use a chalkboard
By using a chalkboard, you can list down the recipes you plan on preparing for the week. Also, you can keep track of the groceries needed and other items you need to shop.

4. Clean the fridge
Cleaning your fridge and keeping things organised can help in saving space for storing other items. Plus, you get rid of the foul smell when you clean your fridge regularly.

5. Keep the sink organised
Do you hate it when your kitchen sink looks dirty and unorganised? A simple way is to clean it regularly. You can hang the spray bottles on a rod under your sink. You can also use the space under the sink to store brushes and dish cleaning soaps.

6. Use a retractable book stand
Use a retractable book stand for keeping the recipe books within your reach.

7. Use see-through baskets
Make it easy for the kids to grab snacks without creating a mess. Use see-through wire baskets to keep biscuits, chips, and other snacking items.

8. Install modular kitchen design
Installing a modular layout in your kitchen eliminates the need to organise your kitchen space every now and then. Modular kitchen designs include organised storages spaces (both open and closed) where you can stock your appliances, utensils, and crockery.

Choose from a wide range of modular kitchen designs from Kutchina – a leading modular kitchen brand in India

At Kutchina, you can explore different modular kitchen designs. All of our modular kitchen designs are functional. The storage spaces in our modular kitchen models are ergonomic and help you keep your kitchen space organised. In terms of looks, our modular kitchen models have contemporary styling that reflects modern style of living.

Things to Consider When Buying New Kitchen Appliances

Things to Consider When Buying New Kitchen Appliances

Buying a new gadget or appliance for your kitchen is an important investment. Before purchasing, make sure that you have considered these often-overlooked things:

1. Space is a factor
This is the first thing that you should be concerned about if you are planning to buy kitchen appliances. You might want to buy that latest refrigerator with multiple features; but are you sure that the new product will fit in your kitchen space and not create clutter? Appliances come in various shapes and sizes. Therefore, it’s important to measure the space in your kitchen before you buy it.

2. Warranty
It’s important to check whether the new kitchen appliance you are planning to buy is backed by the manufacturer’s warranty or not. If your product malfunctions within the warranty period, then you can either get the product replaced or repaired.

3. Ease of use
Often, you come across kitchen appliances that have multiple controls and therefore aren’t easy to use. Choosing the best modular kitchen or appliances that are easy to use go a long way in making your cooking experience enjoyable.

4. Safety – a must check factor
Apart from being handy, kitchen appliances should be safe to use as well. Appliances, small and big, from reputed brands are designed to ensure safety while they are being operated. Therefore, choosing your kitchen appliances from a reliable brand helps you make the most out of your investment.

5. Check the power outlets
The power outlets are made as per the power demand of your appliances. When buying a new gadget, check whether your old power outlets can take the load of the new power demands or not. This is important to avoid short circuits.
Buying a new appliance comes with a lot of planning. We hope that these tips will give you a basic idea to avoid inconvenience in the future.

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With a myriad of options available, it gets challenging to choose the right appliances for your kitchen. Kutchina, one of the leading kitchen appliances manufacturers, offers a wide range of kitchen products. Browse through our products at Kutchina.com. And while you are at it, don’t forget to check our modular kitchen designs.

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How to Declutter Your Kitchen?

How to Declutter Your Kitchen?

Keeping your kitchen clutter-free seems an uphill task? Not anymore. Weekly cleaning sessions are not enough for an organised and functional kitchen. It demands more. Here are some tricks:

1. Install modular kitchen
An organised kitchen is a happy kitchen. And a modular kitchen serves multiple purposes. It’s flexible and easy to install, it’s sleek and designed as per your needs, and it’s a great space saver as it provides efficient storage options. Whether you are living in a small apartment or a big house, best modular kitchen makes the most out of the available space. The smart designed kitchens come with designated area for cooking and storage.

2. Divide and Rule
Yes. This is the ultimate key to de-clutter your kitchen. Divide your kitchen into different zones. Designate a space for each activity. For instance, create a zone for cooking, cleaning, and chopping. Divide the space depending on the functionality, your storage need, and how you are going to use the kitchen. Create different storage options for both consumable and non-consumable goods including spices, cutlery, and cooking gadgets.

3. Keep the countertop Clean
The countertop is not for storing things but for cooking. So, use it only for cooking and preparing your food. Do not keep anything on the countertops. Rather, keep it in pullout drawers. Handy items such as pots, pans, and cutlery can be kept in drawers.

4. Keep similar objects together
Group objects according to their utility and store them together. In this way, you do not have to run a last minute search when you need something. For instance, store the pots together and assign a space for all your plates.

5. Shelf Organisers are great
Especially if they are sliding. These are easily accessible and are great for storing all your kitchen items without creating a mess.

6. Limit the number of Bulky Items
This helps especially when storage is limited. We bet that there are many items in your kitchen that serve no other purpose than decoration. Smart kitchens demand practical items and functionality. Get rid of anything that doesn’t serve any practical purpose.

7. Get rid of the Duplicates
Have you ever wondered what’s that additional cheese grater doing in your kitchen? It’s making your kitchen cluttered. Either you get rid of the old one or get rid of the additional one.

It’s all about making decisions and creating your own rule for your kitchen (make sure you stick to those!). We hope that these hacks will help in keeping your kitchen clutter-free.

Give your kitchen a stylish upgrade with Kutchina’s modular kitchen designs

Efficient, convenient, and aesthetically pleasing – these words define modular kitchen designs. Stylish modular kitchens ensure that you have a well-defined kitchen and with ample storage to keep clutter at bay. And at Kutchina, we have designed our modular kitchens keeping all your necessities in mind. If you want to explore modular kitchen designs and price, visit us.

Benefits of Auto Clean Technology in Kitchen Chimneys

The reach of technological advancement has touched even the interiors of the Indian kitchen, benefitting them in more than one ways and keeping up with the restless schedule they run throughout the working day. Introduction of facilities like Auto Clean Technology, in case of kitchen chimneys, have reduced a lot of effort that used to be invested in cleansing the kitchen.

In today’s urban India, every household desires for a modular kitchen and a healthy cooking environment. The urge is to have a chimney in kitchen, kitchen hobs and an oven- all in a refurbished space and in a well planned way is what a good modular kitchen would be planned of.

Kitchen chimneys with suitable hoods take in the smoke and smell evoked while cooking, especially the spicy Indian kitchen. It also soaks in the oil that is given out with the soot so that the kitchen walls do not darken with their effect. The best kitchen chimney has to have thee combined quality of working very efficiently and having the need of very little effort in cleansing.

With the Auto Clean Technology in the kitchen chimney, pioneered by Kutchina in India, the huge process of cleaning by taking bulky parts of the chimney down and putting it back again has been eliminated. There are countless benefits of this technology launched in the market. Some of the advantages are as follows:

-The tedious days spent in the cleansing of the kitchen chimney are bade goodbye. With the easy work of a few buttons and by following a few steps, your kitchen chimney will be cleaned automatically. You no longer have to keep a single day apart out of your busy schedule to clean the chimney. Also, your household will not be affected with the cleansing of the kitchen chimney. No dirt or oil gets spilt during this entire process.

-You will not have to dismantle one filter at each time and scrub relentlessly until the dirt comes off and your hand is sore with pain. The days of cleaning kitchen chimney manually are over. All you have to do nowadays is follow a couple of steps like pouring a solution of detergent in the oil containers of the chimneys and press the auto clean button. The best chimney models will be cleansed easily and automatically and the post-cleansing dirty water will be expelled and stored in a separate container to be thrown away after the process is over.

– No more hassles of filets like Mesh and Baffel that need constant care to keep away from accumulation of rust and oil that leads to poisonous effects in health.

– The oil filter and container separately stores the oil captured, so that there is no chance of dripping back to the food that’s getting cooked on your kitchen hobs.

-Cleaning chimney is no more a time consuming process now on. It best chimney for the kitchen is one where you can just press a few buttons and carry on with your other chores, while the chimney gets auto cleaned.

You can read more about the Auto Clean Technology facilitated kitchen chimney online at www.kutchina.com or may visit your nearby showroom for viewing options. The kitchen chimney price varies from one model to another based on different specifications, but are all auto clean technology enabled. Kitchen chimney price with Auto Clean Technology are quite affordable and are easily available.

Get More Storage Out of Your Kitchen with These Smart Ideas

Aah…how I would die for a clutter-free kitchen! It might seem like the unreachable dream, but these nifty storage ideas will help you on your path to orderly bliss. If your cupboards are struggling to contain all of your kitchenalia or you just love clever space-saving solutions, you need to add some of these smart ideas to your kitchen.

Optimize your pantry
Make the most out of your pantry space by organizing your groceries. Keep a rotation of kitchen pantryyour cereals, dry goods and spices, so that you’re not adding clutter to your shelves with expired items. Latest Kitchen Designs from

Consider open shelves -Not only are open shelves a hot kitchen trend right now, but they also help to open a cramped space.

Maximize your existing storage -If budget is an issue, take a look at improving your existing space. Add dowel rods to your cabinets and shelves to create plate holders and add more storage space.

Clear food storage -Clear food containers are great for small spaces because they let you visually identify your dry goods quickly and easily, without having to rummage through cluttered or cramped cabinets. Putting a label on the container makes it all easier still.

Leave no space unused -Don’t forget to make use of even the smallest spaces to get the most out of your kitchen. A pull-out drawer under your sink, for example, is a handy way to store sponges and knickknacks that would otherwise take up valuable counter space.

Open up with light-colored kitchens -Use cool colors, like whites and grays, to open up your kitchen space.

Use vertical space -With smaller kitchens, cabinet and drawer space can be limited, so get smart with your vertical space. Pierced boards are great for hanging larger kitchen utensils that would otherwise crowd your drawer space. Additionally, glass-front mounted cabinet doors are a beautiful way to display your servingware and to leverage wall space.

Supercabinet to the rescue -Pull-out drawers and racks allow you to pack all of your pantry items into one convenient location in a fraction of the space of a normal-sized pantry.

Small kitchen spaces can be tough to keep organized, but don’t let a cramped space get you down! These storage ideas will help you maximize your space and create a better kitchen. And finally…the trick really is to make the most of what you’ve got!

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Evergreen Kitchen Decor Tips

Evergreen Kitchen Decor Tips

Working in the kitchen can get boring in a dull and uninspired decor. Here, we have listed some essential tips to beautify your kitchen space:

1. Gallery Wall
Often, you can run short on inspiration while working in the kitchen. Create a gallery wall in your kitchen space by showcasing high-quality pictures of different recipes and cutlery. You can further embellish the gallery wall by showcasing different items such as vintage cutlery, baskets, and small appliances.

2. Open storage spaces
Open storage spaces such as open shelves make your kitchen space look homely and comforting.

3. Indoor plants
Indoor plants symbolise freshness and creativity; they add naturalistic touches to your kitchen’s decor. You can showcase small potted plants on windows, countertops, or at centre tables.

4. Wall Colors
Wall colours change the overall appearance of your kitchen space. Light shades such as beige and cyan portray a sense of calmness and are soothing to the eyes. On the other hand, bright wall colours add an element of energy and zeal to your kitchen space.

5. Bar Seating
You don’t necessarily have to move back and forth between your living room and kitchen to keep your party guests entertained with food and wine. Instead, create a bar seating in your kitchen space (on the countertop and centre table) by using chic bar stools.

6. Crafty Lighting
Replace your plain-looking light shades with creative items such as hand-woven basket lamp shades to add creativity and intrigue to your kitchen decor.

7. Art collection
Who said you can’t add an artistic touch to your kitchen decor? You can dramatically improve the look of your kitchen decor by showcasing your art collection in one of the walls.

8. Baskets
Baskets add intrigue to your kitchen decor. You can put fresh fruits and berries in woven baskets.

9. Modular kitchen
Modular designs for kitchen are increasingly becoming popular. Modular kitchen models take kitchen ergonomics several notches higher as they include functional open as well as closed storage spaces.

Modular kitchen designs also help you blend large appliances such as bi ovens with the overall kitchen decor. Apart from ergonomic functionality, modular kitchen models also feature modern style elements.

Choose from the best modular kitchen designs from Kutchina
We, at Kutchina, offer a wide range of modular kitchen designs. We have carefully selected the latest in design and style for our modular kitchen models.

7 Popular Types of Modular Kitchen Designs in India

7 Popular Types of Modular Kitchen Designs in India

Kitchen designs come in all shapes and sizes. Want to know more about some of the most popular kitchen designs among homeowners in India? If yes,read on!

1. Parallel layout
Parallel layout is a space-saving solution for small kitchens. If you have a narrow space in your kitchen, then installing a parallel module would be the best option. Apart from saving space in your small kitchen, you can also make your kitchen space look neatly organised.

2. Island-shape layout
Island-shape modular kitchen layout is similar toparallel layout. The only difference is that unlike parallel layout ,island-shape layout can be used in open kitchen spaces as well. You can also consider island layout as an altered variant of corner layout.

3. U-shaped layout
U-shaped modular design is for those who prefer having large countertop spaces while working in the kitchen. With U-shaped modular designs you also benefit from additional storage space (cabinets) underneath the countertops.

4. G-shaped layout
G-shaped modular kitchen layout can be considered as an altered version of U-shaped layout. It comes as a practical solution when it comes to improving the functionality of the kitchen space. With a G-shaped countertop, more than one person can work around freely.

5. Open shelves
Kitchen layout with open shelves is one of the most common designs in Indian homes. Open shelves add an ethnic look and an authentic vibe to the kitchen space. Also, open shelves make it easy to access different items without having to thoroughly search for them (as in the case of closed shelves).

6. Straight-shape
Straight-shape modular kitchen designs are feasible for big families. A straight-shaped modular design includes a straight counter with corresponding shelves on the top section.

7. Corner layout
Corner layout or L-shaped modular kitchen layout is one of the most popular kitchen designs in the country. Corner layout works well in kitchens with limited space. As the name suggests, a corner layout includes an L-shaped countertop which gives more you working space to cook. Installing L-shaped modular design helps in saving space in small kitchens.

Choose from popular modular kitchen designs from Kutchina
We at Kutchina, bring to you a wide range of modular kitchen designs. Our modular kitchen models are functional, ergonomic, and stylistic. With our modular kitchen models, you can turn your otherwise boring kitchen space into an interesting one. Check out the latest modular kitchen designs at the best modular kitchen brand in India.

9 Things Every Family Kitchen Needs

9 Things Every Family Kitchen Needs

With the trend for open plan living showing no signs of slowing, our kitchens have well and truly cemented their place as the heart of the home. From food prep to dining to homework and relaxing, these days the kitchen is often the most lived in room of the house. If you are updating your kitchen and looking for ways to make it more family friendly, check out our list of 9 things every family kitchen needs…

  1. A hard-wearing work surface
    In a meticulous family kitchen you need a work surface that is attractive and tough. There are several options available in the market which are a cost-effective and popular choice with families. Integrate the sink in the right place and you have a perfect kitchen for those looking for a minimalist look.
  2. Sponge clean walls
    From food splatters to sticky fingers, kitchen walls can see a lot of action. Around food preparation areas wall tiles are a must. Around the rest of the kitchen opt for paints specially designed for kitchens as it will offer increased resistance to grease and stains and will also be tough enough to be wiped clean without damaging the paint surface.
  3. Having a great eating area
    An open plan living often tops the ‘must have’ list of many house buyers so creating an eating area within your kitchen makes sense. If your kitchen can already accommodate a dining table, great news, if, however, your kitchen is small and an extension isn’t on the agenda, look for other ways to make it into a more sociable space – for example, could you sacrifice counter space for having a breakfast bar? Kidsinkitchen
  4. Have the latest gadgets
    Updating your kitchen is the perfect time to add some up-to-date technology that are convenient and entertaining like cooking in a state-of-the-art hob and having an auto-clean chimney like what Kutchina offers.
  5. A place for the kids to play
    The great thing about a family kitchen is that it is a space where everybody can interact while doing their own thing. To encourage the kids to spend time in the kitchen (and to help keep the place organised), create a toy storage area – a few baskets will do, include tabletop games and craft stuff to encourage family friendly activities.
  6. Child locks
    Kitchens are full of hazards; asides from the risk of burns and scalds there are sharp knives, toxic substances and of course cupboards and drawers that can trap little fingers. Kitchen cupboards can hold a world of fascination to young children who would happily ditch the expensive toys in favour of a cupboard filled with window cleaner and furniture polish. To keep the little ones safe, be sure to install appropriate child locks on all cupboards and drawers and never leave a child unattended in the kitchen – better to be safe than sorry, right?
  7. Soft close cupboards and drawers
    Reduce the opportunity for door slamming with soft close cupboards and drawers! As well as no more slamming, the soft close action minimises the wear and tear on hinges.
  8. A family sized oven and hob
    For modern large families, opting for extra hobs is a great way to make cooking meals easier.

Have fun building or renovating!

5 Ideas Worth Stealing from Vintage Kitchens

We can never get enough of vintage interiors, especially kitchens. And although these spaces may look a little strange to us — after all, that’s what makes them so interesting — if you look closely enough, you might find a few ideas that are worth stealing for your own space.

Vintage Kitchen

This above kitchen is from a vintage ad from 1955. The curtains and wood paneling seem a bit outdated, but the two-tone upper and lower cabinets and brightly colored appliances are actually in trend. We regularly see this working in modern kitchens.

The kitchen on the left features bold colors that’s also catching up these days. The thing that catches our eye most here is the kitchen island with the giant overhang all around — a built-in that can be a cooking prep island, family gathering spot or even dining table as the occasion requires.
The Kitchen on the right – Who wouldn’t want a lazy susan pantry like the one in this 1940s kitchen? Just a little spin and everything is within easy reach.


The kitchen on the left in this vintage ad, feels surprisingly modern — the lady could even, if you just glance at the ad, be reading a Kindle or iPad. It’s hard to tell if this is supposed to represent a kitchen or an entire wall of windows, but either way, the idea is great.
On the right, This 1955 apartment kitchen has a genius detail that we’re surprised we haven’t seen in more modern kitchens: a pegboard backsplash. It’s the perfect place to hang up anything you need within easy reach.

Interesting isn’t it?

The Decisive Guide to Cleaning & Caring For Kitchen Cabinets

The Decisive Guide to Cleaning & Caring For Kitchen Cabinets

We know that kitchens are the hardest working rooms in our homes and they need to be cleaned well and often, both through daily upkeep and periodic deeper cleanings. But there’s one major component of our kitchens that may not be getting the attention it needs to stay clean even though we use and see them every day – the kitchen cabinets. Here’s how to keep them in tip-top shape.

1stThings 1st: 3 rules you ought to live by

  • Tackle fresh splatters straightaway

Whether it’s oil from frying something on the stove or cake batter splatters, wipe these messes immediately for easiest clean-up. (Being aware of them is more than half the battle won.)

  • Add cabinet-cleaning to your regular kitchen cleaning routine

Incorporating a light but regular cabinet cleaning habit into your kitchen cleaning routine will help maintain your cabinets and at least slowdown build-up on cabinet exteriors.

  • Deep clean cabinet exteriors at least once every year

Most of the grime found on kitchen cabinets is the result of months or even years of gradual accumulation of oils, unnoticed splatters and a general veneer of dirt caused by humidity and dust. Depending on their location and how heavily your kitchen is used, kitchen cabinet exteriors should be cleaned annually or semi-annually.

Cleaning According to Your Cabinet Type

Wood Cabinets

  • Use oil soap wood cleaner to clean wooden cabinets
  • Use dish or laundry detergent mixed with water to de-grease.
  • A vinegar and water solution also helps cut through grease and grime.
  • For tougher dirt, make a baking soda paste. Dab on and scrub with a toothbrush.

Painted Cabinets

Cabinets painted with oil-based paints can stand up to heavy cleaning. You can use any of the cleaning solutions listed above. You can also use an all-purpose spray for maintenance cleaning.

Cabinets painted with water-based latex paint require more gentle cleaning. Don’t use baking soda because it might scratch the surface. Wipe cabinets gently with a rag and stick to all-purpose cleaner or warm water and dish soap to de-grease.

Metal Cabinets

Metal cabinets are robust as well. Use any of the solutions mentioned above, being extra careful not to get the metal overly wet. Also be sure to dry thoroughly so the metal surface doesn’t rust.

How to Remove Stubborn Grime?

If you need something stronger than a water-baking soda paste, consider making a solution with coconut oil and baking soda. This DIY cleaner gets labels off jars with ease and it’ll work magic on your grimy cabinet doors. Wipe it onto your cabinets and let it sit for a few minutes before scrubbing with a toothbrush or soft cleaning brush.

Cleaning Cabinet Hardware

Cabinet hardware can be cleaned with a rag moistened with a vinegar and water solution or a dish soap and water solution.

…and finally…


wipe fresh splatters with a rag and all-purpose cleaner.


wipe down cabinet door exteriors with a rag and all-purpose cleaner.


Empty cabinets and wipe down shelves. Empty drawers and wipe them out. De-clutter kitchen items as you’re putting them away. Clean exteriors according to directions above.

If this is the first time you’re tackling the task of cleaning your kitchen cabinets, whether in your own well-lived in kitchen or in a new apartment or house, pull up your sleeves. The work may be tough, but the gleam in your kitchen will thank you.