Open Modular Kitchen – A New Area For Social Gathering

Open Modular Kitchen – A New Area For Social Gathering

Modern multi-functional kitchens have many benefits, particularly for small families, where life is always hectic and performing a number of tasks simultaneously is a necessity. In many situations the breakfast bar or dining space in the multi-functional kitchen, doubles as a homework corner for the kids, or even as a home office for mum and dad.

In the last couple of decades, the kitchen has become a much more dynamic room. While the traditional kitchen was mostly hidden away, used only by the servants back in the day, the modern modular kitchen has taken on a much more social dimension in India. It would be safe to say that our kitchens have never been more crowded or more inspiring. As the number of appliances, accessories and cutlery being used grows, creating the illusion of space has become trickier than ever.

Kitchen cabinets are the talk of the town as they undergo interesting changes in look and functionality. Cabinets come with foldable doors that close at the touch of a button. Shaker cabinets and those with horizontal orientation are also gaining ground. The goal of the interior of a modern kitchen is to have smart and sleek storage space.

This is the reason modular kitchens are here to stay.


The Open Kitchen

Home prices have been going up over the years, as has the cost of building new homes. This has started the trend that the sizes of homes are dwindling, leading to smaller kitchen spaces.

So how exactly can you make the kitchen more of a social area if it’s a smaller space?

One kitchen design trend that has been steadily growing over the last decade is the use of open kitchens. By creating an open kitchen, you can increase the perception of space, making a small kitchen area feel less cramped.

Trending ideas in modular kitchens include an open or island kitchen, advanced technologies such as automated handle-free drawers and lighting devices.

The trends in modular kitchen design encompass innovations on the cooking front as well. Different kinds of recipes with photos or images are available online, along with the kitchen appliances required to prepare them with ease.

A kitchen that is open to another space in the home, such as the living room or dining room, is instantly more of a social space, since you can socialize from the kitchen with anyone that happens to be in the next room.

Open plan kitchen easily forms the hub of the home as they allow different household members to cook, eat, socialise or relax within the same space at the same time. This suits busy modern lifestyles where efficiency and multi-tasking is key, but whilst doing this, it brings people together in an ideal and practical social space.

The ideal area allocated of the open kitchen where different activities take place such as the prep area (70% of kitchen time is spent here), cooking area (10% of kitchen time is spent here) and clean up area (20% of kitchen time is spent here).

However, since kitchens are not limited to cooking activity in an open plan kitchen, but also doubles up for many other purposes, you should define a seating area for socialising, studying, or eating within the kitchen. Typically, this might be a breakfast bar, common within kitchen island designs but always separate to the prep and cooking zone. This is not only safer but is preferable to whoever is cooking at the time if they can maintain a clear working zone.

Other Kitchen Trends to Consider

Comfortable seating – You don’t want your family or friends just standing around. Add upholstered chairs and barstools to your kitchen island to create an informal place to eat or to simply keep the cook company. You may also want to consider installing a banquet if you plan on building a small breakfast nook.

Weathered wood – Farm tables and reclaimed wood both give off a warm vibe that’s perfect for creating a welcoming and inviting atmosphere. These touches make it feel more natural for people to spend time in the kitchen even when they are not cooking or cleaning.

Energy efficiency – Reduce your environmental footprint and save on energy costs by investing in energy efficient lighting and kitchen appliances. If you use the kitchen as more of a room where guests might also spend time, it might be worthwhile to spread the environment awareness through the installations made in the social space.

Being together daily at the table is an important chance to celebrate being a family. By staying in touch, learning about family culture, food, and practicing the social skills of dining and conversation.

Family meals are well known to provide nourishment, comfort and support. And, food is better eaten with the people we love!

If that sounds like you, we can make that happen. The first step is to request a FREE consultation from Kutchina. One of our design experts will visit you at home to talk about transforming your kitchen into the social centre of your home at a reasonable price.

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