Modular Kitchens: 6 Pro Design Tips for 1st Timers!

Modular Kitchens: 6 Pro Design Tips for 1st Timers!

Someone has fittingly said “Cooking is love made visible!” We know that kitchens are the most essential part of the house which also withstand the maximum wear owing to relentless use. If you’re a first timer planning a modular kitchen for your home, here are some tips and advices you ought to bear in mind to get you started with your modular kitchen design and plan.

#1. Work on getting the work triangle right!

For the inexperienced, the kitchen work triangle comprises your refrigerator, sink and cooking counter top. The most important part of selecting a layout is determining how these three indispensable elements interrelate with each other. What’s their location like or how much space should be between each in order for you to move around and function comfortably? Draw a vague sketch of your modular kitchen designs first before contemplating and finalizing on a layout.

#2. Getting the ideal counter top length is essential

The standard height of your counter is directly proportional to the user’s average height. Make sure that the space between your kitchen cupboards and the counter top should not be too much because the higher you go, the tougher it will become for you to reach top shelves.

#3. Colors: Select them wisely!

It’s going to be you who’ll be responsible of taking care of your kitchen. So, keep away from an all-white kitchen because needless to say white always requires regular scrubbing and is very high on upkeep. But, that does not mean you choose dark or bright colors that will make your kitchen and house look small, dark and dingy.  Darker shades also invite more heat and your kitchen will be a furnace especially during summer months. Mix and match earthy colors and warm hues to get that picture-perfect look. Plus, you’ll also have to make sure, the color goes with the overall home décor.

#4. Windows and chimneys…aeration is key!

Cooking generates a lot of heat. Period. Thus having a chimney or an exhaust fan or both to expel the fumes outside the kitchen and your home is a must. Having a door next to the kitchen area or a window is also necessary in order to let fresh air come inside when cooking is not in progress. Openings will also ensure that the gas released from cooking or smoke which are harmful for health so not accumulate inside your house.

#5. Lighting them up!

Nothing can ever defeat the glow and warmth of natural light that seeps inside your kitchen through openings such as doors and windows. There should be plentiful natural light in addition to overhead lighting in the kitchen, particularly concentrating on the counter top where most of the action in the kitchen happens.

#6. Safety first!

If planned incorrectly, the kitchen can be a really dangerous place. From gas pipes to counter tops made of granite, your kitchen must be a secure place to work in. Even the floor tiles you pick should be slip-resistant and effortless to clean when continuous spills and breaks happen. Always arrange your appliances nearby switch boards which should be at a distance from the basin and your stove.

#7. Corner spaces? Use them to the maximum

Frequently, while constructing storing shelves and cabinets modular kitchen designs, we overlook the corners contemplating they will be of no use. Nevertheless, with modular kitchen designs that are easy to install and use and with introduction of designer corner cabinets, you can exploit your kitchen corners to the fullest.

Like the ideas we’ve shared? Then follow them and have the best modular kitchen designs that suit your needs and make your kitchen the part of the home that’s most inspiring and stirring!

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