Inspiring Organization: Making The Most of Nooks & Crannies!

Inspiring Organization: Making The Most of Nooks & Crannies!

There’s not a single apartment in the world sans nooks & crannies, spaces that don’t serve any purpose, just lie there. It could be the space over the kitchen cabinets or a skinny wall beside the microwave or a vast expanse next to the fridge! However, if you are that kind of a person who’d like to put every bit of your space to work, these spaces could make you really happy. Here are some killer ideas you could implement!

Below The Stairs!

 Utilize the small space under the stairs of your home and create a small office to spend your creative time in. Blog, read and write all while keeping essentials like your laptop and to-do lists in a spot that won’t feel too cluttered or overwhelmed by the rest of the have-to’s of the home.


If the staircase is located near the main entrance, this space can work as a closet for shoes, jackets, and rain wear. You’d rather not? How about using some colourful wallpaper along with some oversized cushions to fashion a play space for your little ones? Of course, you could do as Harry Potter did, and put in a cosy, low bed to nap in.

Jazz Up Entryways!

Well, you could leave your entryway the way it was made, dull and boring, bare and functional OR you could spice it up by creating a welcoming first impression. Walls and rugs in cheery colours get noticed instantly as do quirky shoe racks. You can use stencils for different patterns and textures, and wallpapers to give the space a warm, vintage feel.


If you have a cramped entryway, you can make clever use of colour and objects to give your hallway an appearance of looking more spacious than it is by adding mirrors and right lights. You can also put up seasonal decorations all year around to delight your guests every time they walk in.

Put The Space Above Kitchen Cabinets To Good Use

The space above kitchen cabinets is usually featureless, barring a cobweb or two! But there’s so much you can do brighten it up! How about some mood lighting? Try arranging concealed lights along the length of your cabinet, or if you’d like to go easy on the budget, twinkling lights that can be plugged in.


Another creative use of this space is to arrange your collection of glass bottles, ceramics or art. Or you could stack your cookbooks in wire baskets and store them here, to combine utility with charm. If you’re starved of space for your collection of fine wines, you can even convert this space into a storage unit by putting in custom bottle holders.

Sloped Ceilings

The space under a sloped ceiling in an attic can be turned into a cozy spot to read in. If there is no natural light streaming in, consider using a reading lamp. You can also put in a day bed or some fluffy cushions and create a nap spot to escape the din of the outside world.


If the sloped ceiling is in a bedroom, just place the bed under it, and you have a nice headboard created by the slope. You can also put up some netting to create a canopy, thus giving your room a fairy tale-ish twist!

Split-Level Staircases

A split-level staircase is sure to have a landing, and this has ‘awkward space’ written all over it. You can introduce elements of light and art to give it a dose of panache.


A group of mirrors or photographs on the walls, a slim corner shelf holding a potted plant or sculpture, or a corner table with interesting showpieces will all make for attractive additions to this space.

So, are you still seeing those nooks and crannies as wasted space? Or as canvases to create a space that is uniquely yours? If you have design ideas you’ve used to transform your spaces, do tell us about it! We’re all ears.

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