Ergonomics In Modern Kitchen

Ergonomics In Modern Kitchen

Ergonomics the study of people’s efficiency in their working environment.

In the busy modern life in urban India, it is critical that we utilize our time efficiently through small savings. For a working professional, every minute spent is an opportunity price that the person pays. Coupled with that is the need of lesser body strains that can arise out of odd locations and unnecessary stretched reach.

The recent designs and innovations of the modern kitchen is supposed to save the needless time spent in moving from one object to the other through careful arrangement of appliances and other essential utensils. Movement should be as free as possible with minimised turns and odd bodily postures. Any decision on purchase for the kitchen, from cabinets to appliances, should be made based on the positions where they are to be installed.

However, this careful implementation of ergonomics is grossly overlooked by the low cost kitchen designers and implementer of modular kitchen. They do not realise that design and installation of a modern kitchen goes much beyond just assembling cabinets and kitchen appliances. It is very critical that the positions are carefully chosen and requires the least effort and bodily discomfort during use.

The effects of a bad kitchen design starts showing after some time where the users get tired and lethargic to cook and the subconscious mind tends to refrain the user from utilizing some definite areas of the kitchen. Sprains and muscular aches are the most common ailments in the kitchen which arise from a bad and unscientific design.

Kutchina Modular Kitchen consultants keeps a keen eye on the science of ergonomics while designing and implementing kitchen solutions, so that the user feels comfortable and also able to safe those extra minute of the day for other activities or leisure.

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