How To Get Rid of Pesky Cooking Odour?

How To Get Rid of Pesky Cooking Odour?

Cooking is an art. And just like an artist needs a space that fosters creativity, people who love cooking need a space where they can enjoy creating culinary wonders. A well-organised kitchen is just the right space for you to enjoy your art. However, certain factors like horrible stench coming from the cooking fumes or from the trash bin can come in the way of your art. So, how do you deal with it efficiently? You will find the answers here! From the wonders of aromatic candles and electric air purifiers to tackling the stench with electric chimney, here are some of the secrets to getting rid of pesky cooking odour in your kitchen.

  • Kitchen chimney

A simple fix to getting rid of cooking fumes and odour is to install an electric chimney from Kutchina – best kitchen chimney brand in India, above the cooking top. Our chimneys are designed to absorb cooking fumes and kitchen odour – thanks to their high suction power.

Also, cleaning them is a breeze as the chimneys come with an automatic cleaning function. Kitchen chimneys from Kutchina pack a wide range of features including a simple touch interface, a timer, and a digital display.

  • Air purifier

Placing an air purifier in your kitchen comes helps in eliminating cooking fumes and bad odour.

  • Cleaning the refrigerator

Often we keep foods, spices like garlic/ginger paste, marinated meat inside the refrigerator without covering the utensils. This creates an awful smell in the refrigerator. To prevent the bad odour from settling inside the refrigerator, clean your fridge once a week. You can also check How to Declutter Your Kitchen.

  • Cleaning cutting boards

You may not have noticed but cutting boards, especially the wooden ones, soak the smell of onion and garlic and add to the stench in your kitchen. A quick fix to this is to soak the cutting boards in water for 30 mins after using them.

  • Preventing oil build-up

Cooking oil often gets accumulated in countertops, ceilings, and windows. The build-up of cooking oil creates an unpleasant odour in the kitchen. Use lemon-based cleaning agents to remove the build-ups.

  • Brewing coffee

One simple solution to getting rid of the unpleasant odour in your kitchen is to grind coffee beans and brew them. Coffee has a strong and a distinctive fragrance which helps in overriding unpleasant smell.

  • Proper ventilation

Installing proper ventilation in your kitchen is the key to ward off unpleasant odour. When there’s no proper ventilation in your kitchen, cooking fumes and bad odour get trapped and accumulate in the room.

  • Baking aromatic recipes

Similar to brewing coffee, baking aromatic recipes such as cookies, rolls, and cakes helps in eliminating pesky cooking odour.

  • Incense stick or aromatic candles

Incense sticks have a powerful fragrance and can easily eliminate cooking odour. If incense sticks are too strong for you, then switching to a subtle alternative such as aromatic candles is a good option.

Improve your culinary experience with Kutchina

Kutchina,  as a leading kitchen chimney brand in India, offers effective solutions to improving the time you spend in the kitchen.

Benefits of Auto Clean Technology in Kitchen Chimneys

The reach of technological advancement has touched even the interiors of the Indian kitchen, benefitting them in more than one ways and keeping up with the restless schedule they run throughout the working day. Introduction of facilities like Auto Clean Technology, in case of kitchen chimneys, have reduced a lot of effort that used to be invested in cleansing the kitchen.

In today’s urban India, every household desires for a modular kitchen and a healthy cooking environment. The urge is to have a chimney in kitchen, kitchen hobs and an oven- all in a refurbished space and in a well planned way is what a good modular kitchen would be planned of.

Kitchen chimneys with suitable hoods take in the smoke and smell evoked while cooking, especially the spicy Indian kitchen. It also soaks in the oil that is given out with the soot so that the kitchen walls do not darken with their effect. The best kitchen chimney has to have thee combined quality of working very efficiently and having the need of very little effort in cleansing.

With the Auto Clean Technology in the kitchen chimney, pioneered by Kutchina in India, the huge process of cleaning by taking bulky parts of the chimney down and putting it back again has been eliminated. There are countless benefits of this technology launched in the market. Some of the advantages are as follows:

-The tedious days spent in the cleansing of the kitchen chimney are bade goodbye. With the easy work of a few buttons and by following a few steps, your kitchen chimney will be cleaned automatically. You no longer have to keep a single day apart out of your busy schedule to clean the chimney. Also, your household will not be affected with the cleansing of the kitchen chimney. No dirt or oil gets spilt during this entire process.

-You will not have to dismantle one filter at each time and scrub relentlessly until the dirt comes off and your hand is sore with pain. The days of cleaning kitchen chimney manually are over. All you have to do nowadays is follow a couple of steps like pouring a solution of detergent in the oil containers of the chimneys and press the auto clean button. The best chimney models will be cleansed easily and automatically and the post-cleansing dirty water will be expelled and stored in a separate container to be thrown away after the process is over.

– No more hassles of filets like Mesh and Baffel that need constant care to keep away from accumulation of rust and oil that leads to poisonous effects in health.

– The oil filter and container separately stores the oil captured, so that there is no chance of dripping back to the food that’s getting cooked on your kitchen hobs.

-Cleaning chimney is no more a time consuming process now on. It best chimney for the kitchen is one where you can just press a few buttons and carry on with your other chores, while the chimney gets auto cleaned.

You can read more about the Auto Clean Technology facilitated kitchen chimney online at or may visit your nearby showroom for viewing options. The kitchen chimney price varies from one model to another based on different specifications, but are all auto clean technology enabled. Kitchen chimney price with Auto Clean Technology are quite affordable and are easily available.