6 Rules For Good Kitchen Hygiene

6 Rules For Good Kitchen Hygiene

By maintaining a proper hygiene, you can lower the risks of food-borne illnesses. Over here we discuss 6 rules for maintaining good kitchen hygiene as the best modular kitchen brand in India:

 1) Wash your hands frequently

Dirty hands are a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Make sure you wash your hands prior to cooking.

2) Cook meals thoroughly

Never rush when preparing any meal as under-cooked food can contain bacteria that can lead to indigestion and eventually food poisoning. When cooking/preparing meat, especially red meat, make sure you boil the meat thoroughly to kill harmful bacteria.

3) Ensure proper food storage

Storing food items properly is just as important as thorough and attentive cooking. First off, clean the interior of your refrigerator every month or two to ensure best hygiene and eliminate bad odour.

Make sure you cover all food items when storing them in your refrigerator. Always check storage instructions of packaged food items. And don’t forget to check the ‘use by’ date to avoid eating food items past their usage date.

4) Use a good dust bin

When shopping for your kitchen’s dust bin, choose one with a covering lid. Also, make sure that you empty and clean your dustbin on a regular basis. By doing this, you can prevent bacteria to breed in food wastes that start to decompose.

5) Avoid cross contamination

Always use separate cutting/chopping boards for vegetables and meats/fish.  Using the same chopping board for cutting every food item increases the risk of cross contamination which, in turn, can lead to food poising. Label cutting boards as ‘veg,’ ‘meat,’ and ‘fish’ or use boards of different colours to cut different food items.

6) Clean the kitchen sink thoroughly

Clean your kitchen sink on a daily basis. Use a disinfectant or bleach along with hot water to thoroughly clean the sink. Scrub the entire sink, including the plus and plug chain.

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