7 Things All Smart Homeowners Should Do Once a Month

7 Things All Smart Homeowners Should Do Once a Month

The old adage “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” still holds true for homeowners. When it comes to keeping your home in tip-top condition, there are a number of maintenance tasks you need to do regularly to avoid future headaches and wasted money. You can also check some smart ideas to get more storage out of your kitchen. We have prepared a checklist of 7 important things that you need to do regularly –

  1. Clean the Built-in Oven

Spills and greasy build-ups make the interiors of your built-in oven dirty and cause an awful stench. Accumulation of charred food pieces on the oven surface can you’re your oven into a breeding space for germs. Cleaning them once a month will not only save you from the laborious scrubbing but will also help in increasing its working life.

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Built-in ovens from Kutchina not only make cooking easier but also complement the decor of the kitchen ( Plus, they are great space savers). From reheating your food to whipping up lip-smacking delicacies, these ovens can do everything in minutes. As one of the best built-in oven brands in India, we are committed to help you improve your cooking experience. To explore the ovens, visit

  1. Take care of your Kitchen Chimney

Most of the modern chimneys now come with an auto-clean feature. This saves a lot of time and energy. Modern chimneys feature an oil collector where the excess oil is sucked by the chimney. It’s important to remove the oil collector and clean it with hot water and detergent every month.

  1. Organise your Refrigerator

The leftover pizza, that half-eaten bowl of pasta, and that long-forgotten can of milk – you stuff your refrigerator with every possible thing and forget about it. That’s why it’s important to make sure that you clean and organise your refrigerator once a month before it turns into a cold garbage bin! Wipe the surface(even if you haven’t spilled anything) with equal parts of white vinegar and warm water.

  1. Do not forget the sinks and drain

From trapped hair to food particles – your kitchen and bathroom sink are some of the common sites where the nastiest germs breed. A monthly cleaning session with disinfectants is important to keep your sink and drain clean.

  1. Don’t forget the Air Conditioner (AC) Filters

Your AC needs regular maintenance for optimal functioning. The air filter of the air conditioning unit filters dirt and dust, keeping the air in your home fresh and clean. The dust and dirt particles accumulate in the air filter. And that’s why it’s recommended that you clean the air filter once a month so that the airflow isn’t obstructed.

  1. Water Heater

To keep the water heaters working right and for longer, monthly maintenance is crucial. Check for mineral deposits. Also, check the pipes, valves, and flush the water from the heater (when not in use). This ensures there is no sediment build-up in the heater. If you have an electric water heater, insulate it to reduce electricity bills and to maintain the water temperature for longer.

  1. Emergency Flashlight

Emergency flashlights are saviors during power cuts. However, the batteries need to be checked once a month. If they do not work properly, replace them. If it’s a non-battery powered one then make sure that you charge them completely for emergency situation.

These Kitchen Gadgets Make Healthy Meal Prep Super Easy

These Kitchen Gadgets Make Healthy Meal Prep Super Easy

What’s a better way to make healthy living fun than to prepare delicious and nutritious meals right in your kitchen?This list of amazing kitchen appliances makes it easy for you to adopt a healthy eating plan. Read on –

  • Toaster

A toaster is a must-have appliance for everyone, especially if you have a busy lifestyle. Kutchina toasters come with an auto-pop function to ensure that the bread doesn’t overheat or burn. Also, the toasters come with several features such as reheat, defrost, and cancel which make it easy for you prepare toast the way you like.

Note – Buy a toaster that comes with a removable crumb tray because it keeps your counter clean. All you have to do is to wipe it with a damp cloth to clean it.

At Kutchina, one of the best kitchen appliances brands in India, you will find a range of toasters that are high on functionality and also prove to be an asset to your kitchen’s aesthetic.

  • Sandwich maker

A healthy breakfast is the right way to start your day, and a sandwich maker helps you prepare healthy and lip-smackings and wiches in no time. Kutchina sandwich makers have non-stick coated plates; which means you can prepare crisp sandwiches without using too much oil.

  • Juicer

For quality juicing, go for juicers that come with a dedicated pulp container and a steel seed separator (so that you don’t have to cut the fruit and remove the seeds prior to juicing). When buying a juicer, it’s important to ensure that it is made of food grade plastic.

  • Hand blender

A hand blender is the easiest way to whiz up a perfect batter, ketchup or a summer smoothie.  Kutchina hand blenders are comfortable to hold and because of their super sleek styling they don’t take up much space in your kitchen. Also, they are easy to clean and maintain as they have a detachable shaft.

  • OTG

OTG (Oven Toaster Griller) is designed for multiple uses including baking, grilling, and broiling. With OTG, preparing tasty recipes such as baking cookies and roasting meat or veggies becomes convenient. Kutchina’s OTGs are easy to use, simple to clean, take less counter space, and perform multiple functions.

  • Microwave oven

From cooking to baking and heating foods, Kutchina’s microwave ovens have versatile uses. Cooking in a Kutchina microwave oven is a breeze as it evenly distributes the microwave energy and ensures that your food is thoroughly cooked. At Kutchina, you will find ovens that provide a mix of grill, convection oven and microwave functions.

Explore kitchen appliances from Kutchina

Kutchina, one of the leading providers of complete kitchen solutions, is dedicated to offering a wide range of big and small kitchen appliances to suit your culinary needs.

19 Amazing Kitchen Cleaning Tips

19 Amazing Kitchen Cleaning Tips

There’s a lot to do when it comes to keeping your kitchen clean. From removing grimes from cooktops and cookware to properly cleaning and storing dishes to ensure good hygiene, the work involved in cleaning your kitchen can be overwhelming.

By installing a modular layout from Kutchina, one of the leading modular kitchen brands in India, you can take that very important step to keep your kitchen space clean and organised. We have designed our modular kitchen layouts to best-suit Indian cooking styles which involve frequent use of spices and oil. The stain-resistance capacity of our modular layouts makes it easier for you to clean your kitchen space.

At Kutchina, we are committed to helping you prepare culinary delights amidst a space that promotes hassle-free cooking experience. As part of our commitment, we bring to you 19 easy and simple kitchen cleaning tips. You can also check 17 kitchen cleaning hacks here. Read on!

  1. Clean stubborn stains with hot water

Get rid of stubborn stains instantly by pouring hot water from at least a foot above the area.

  1. Keep your cleaning sponge fresh

Bacteria can thrive in your cleaning sponge faster than you might have thought of. Instead of keeping your cleaning sponge lying flat in the sink area, keep it upright by using a bulldog clip as a holder. This will keep the sponge dry and fresh.

  1. Clean gaps between your stove and countertop

Don’t let small food particles settle on the tiny gaps between your stove and countertop. Clean the area by placing a small, damp cloth over the gap and slide the knife top from one end to other.

  1. Clean your kitchen dustbins

Hate it when you have to clean your dustbins? Here’s a simple trick to clean your kitchen dustbins: use two garbage bags to double line your bins. The first bag will act as a barrier and catch all the spills that may leak out from the second bag.

  1. Clean stubborn white film on vases and bottles

Pour two to three tablespoons of white vinegar on the vases/bottles. Add a handful of uncooked white rice and shake vigorously while covering the opening with your hand.

  1. Use baby wipes when in hurry

Need to quickly clean your kitchen during unexpected guest visits? Grab onto some baby wipes and use them to wipe food particles off your appliances and countertop.

  1. Clean oil stains with salt

Sprinkle a dash of salt over oil stains; let the salt absorb the oil. Finish by using a damp cloth or a napkin to wipe off the area.

  1. Clean dish stains with cream of tartar

Apply a small paste of cream of tartar over dish stains. Let it sit for a while and wipe away with hot water.  

  1. Clean discoloured copper cookware with ketchup

Ketchup is acidic and therefore it’s great for cleaning discoloured copper cookware. Apply a dab of ketchup on a discoloured copper cookware and use a scrub to wipe off the discolouration.

  • Peel off stickers/labels easily

Soak papery stickers/labels with white vinegar, let it sit for a few minutes and scrape them away.

  • Keep your stainless steel appliances smudge-free

Take a dab of mineral oil on a soft cleaning cloth and use it to wipe smudges and fingerprints off your stainless steel appliances and get a streak-free shine.

  • Clean your mixer grinder/blender the easy way

After you are done with preparing your smoothie, half-fill the mixing jug with water and then add some cleaning solvent. Run the mixer grinder/blender with the water for a bit; this should do the job.

  • Make oven tray cleaning easier

Prevent grease and oil from seeping through the trays by double lining your trays with alumina foil. This can help you avoid scrubbing thick grease that often builds up on trays and pans over time.

  • Quickly clean the inside of your microwave oven

Place a bunch of wet paper towels inside your microwave oven and run the appliance for three to four minutes; the steam from the towels will soak and loosen the grimes, making it easier for you to wipe them off.

  • Clean your toaster using a pastry brush

Use a soft pastry brush to clean small bread crumbs from even the unreachable areas o the inside of your toaster.

  • Renew your cleaning sponges

Soak your cleaning sponges in warm water mixed with cleaning solvent, squeeze them to drain water, and heat them dry in your microwave oven for 60 seconds.

  • Clean your kitchen window blinds using tongs

Wrap two small pieces of soft cleaning cloth on the two arms of a tong (you can use rubber bands). Apply a dab of cleaning solvent on the inner-facing side of each arms and easily clean window blinds.

  • Clean floor tile grout

Sprinkle baking soda over dirty floor tile grout, and then spray cleaning vinegar on the area. Let it sit for two to four minutes, use a microfiber cleaning cloth or paper towels to wipe off the stubborn dirt.

  • Clean kitchen taps using white vinegar

Take a small-sized sealable plastic pouch and half-fill it with white vinegar. Tape the pouch on the tap to soak the head/mouth. Let it sit for 20 to 30 minutes, remove the pouch and use a brush to remove the stains that are left.

We hope these tips will help you keep your kitchen looking clean and shiny. Watch out this space for more tricks and tips!

Dishwasher Maintenance Tips

Dishwasher Maintenance Tips

Your dishwasher goes through regular and rough use. And if you don’t regularly maintain it, you may risk bringing down the appliance’s efficiency and working. Here’s a list of maintenance tips to help you keep your dishwasher running smoothly:

1. Clean the interior

It’s good to periodically clean and deodorize the interior of your dishwasher. You can simply use a household cleaner and a small cleaning brush with soft bristles. Make sure to clean both the top and bottom racks as food particles often accumulate in these parts. You can also check here about How to Turn old kitchen designs to New.

Kutchina dishwashers incorporate in-built water softener which lowers the risk of damage caused to the interior by impurities in water. Implementing such innovative features in our dishwashers has helped us become of one of the best dishwasher brands in India.

2. Clean the exterior and edges

The best way to get started with the proper maintenance of your dishwasher is to clean the exterior and edges of the appliance. Do you, at times, find bad odour coming from your dishwasher? It may be coming from the pieces of food debris that accumulate on the appliance’s edges and exterior over time.

Unlike the interior, the edges and exterior of the appliance do not get washed. Make sure to clean these areas to avoid bad smell and stains.

3. Remove build-ups

Accumulation of food particles inside your dishwasher is inevitable, especially if you do not clean the leftover food in your dishes prior to loading them on the appliance. Use effective cleaning solutions such as lemon juice or white vinegar to remove such build-ups in areas such as the drain, for ensuring proper functioning of the appliance.

4. Clean the spinning arms

The spinning arms are one of the most important components of a dishwasher. When you regularly use your dishwasher, food particles may block holes in the water jets or the arm may not properly spin over time.

Thoroughly clean the spinning arms and get rid of the build-ups in them. Also, check whether the spinning arms are functioning properly. If not, then opt for professional help to repair them.

5. Be careful when using the appliance

Most homeowners tend to use dishwashers recklessly, such as overloading the appliance by cramming two plates in the compartment of one. By avoiding such practices , you can increase the appliance’s working life as well as lower the risk of conducting costly repairs.

Explore some of the best dishwashers in India from Kutchina

At Kutchina, we design all our kitchen appliances, including dishwashers, to make the time you spend in your kitchen enjoyable. Our dishwashers not only help you thoroughly clean your dishes but also complement the overall look of your kitchen.

Our dishwasher incorporate up to 7 different washing programs which help you clean all your dishes. Explore here for some of the best dishwashers in India from us.

How To Get Rid of Pesky Cooking Odour?

How To Get Rid of Pesky Cooking Odour?

Cooking is an art. And just like an artist needs a space that fosters creativity, people who love cooking need a space where they can enjoy creating culinary wonders. A well-organised kitchen is just the right space for you to enjoy your art. However, certain factors like horrible stench coming from the cooking fumes or from the trash bin can come in the way of your art. So, how do you deal with it efficiently? You will find the answers here! From the wonders of aromatic candles and electric air purifiers to tackling the stench with electric chimney, here are some of the secrets to getting rid of pesky cooking odour in your kitchen.

  • Kitchen chimney

A simple fix to getting rid of cooking fumes and odour is to install an electric chimney from Kutchina – best kitchen chimney brand in India, above the cooking top. Our chimneys are designed to absorb cooking fumes and kitchen odour – thanks to their high suction power.

Also, cleaning them is a breeze as the chimneys come with an automatic cleaning function. Kitchen chimneys from Kutchina pack a wide range of features including a simple touch interface, a timer, and a digital display.

  • Air purifier

Placing an air purifier in your kitchen comes helps in eliminating cooking fumes and bad odour.

  • Cleaning the refrigerator

Often we keep foods, spices like garlic/ginger paste, marinated meat inside the refrigerator without covering the utensils. This creates an awful smell in the refrigerator. To prevent the bad odour from settling inside the refrigerator, clean your fridge once a week. You can also check How to Declutter Your Kitchen.

  • Cleaning cutting boards

You may not have noticed but cutting boards, especially the wooden ones, soak the smell of onion and garlic and add to the stench in your kitchen. A quick fix to this is to soak the cutting boards in water for 30 mins after using them.

  • Preventing oil build-up

Cooking oil often gets accumulated in countertops, ceilings, and windows. The build-up of cooking oil creates an unpleasant odour in the kitchen. Use lemon-based cleaning agents to remove the build-ups.

  • Brewing coffee

One simple solution to getting rid of the unpleasant odour in your kitchen is to grind coffee beans and brew them. Coffee has a strong and a distinctive fragrance which helps in overriding unpleasant smell.

  • Proper ventilation

Installing proper ventilation in your kitchen is the key to ward off unpleasant odour. When there’s no proper ventilation in your kitchen, cooking fumes and bad odour get trapped and accumulate in the room.

  • Baking aromatic recipes

Similar to brewing coffee, baking aromatic recipes such as cookies, rolls, and cakes helps in eliminating pesky cooking odour.

  • Incense stick or aromatic candles

Incense sticks have a powerful fragrance and can easily eliminate cooking odour. If incense sticks are too strong for you, then switching to a subtle alternative such as aromatic candles is a good option.

Improve your culinary experience with Kutchina

Kutchina,  as a leading kitchen chimney brand in India, offers effective solutions to improving the time you spend in the kitchen.

Basic Rules of Kitchen Safety

Basic Rules of Kitchen Safety

Your kitchen can turn into a chaotic and unsafe place when you don’t follow safety practices.  Sharp knives, jagged cookware, boiling liquid, and slippery floor – all can increase the risk of serious injuries.

Make your kitchen a safe place with these basic safety rules:

  • Never leave cooking dishes unattended

This is one of the kitchen mistakes people commonly make.  Leaving cooking dishes unattended  can even lead to fire. One of the best ways to avoid such scenarios is to use Kitchen hob. The hobs from Kutchina integrate timers which you can use to set cooking time. The flame will automatically go off after the timer stops.

  • Keep sharp knives, cutlery, and other sharp equipments out of reach of children

Considering how curious children are, make sure you keep sharp cutlery, knives, and other such sharp equipment out of their reach. You can even lock the cabinets where you store these items. Also, keep cleaning bleaches and solutions out of kids’ reach.

  • Store heavy items on bottom cabinet

Store heavy items in the bottom cabinets and lighter ones in the upper cabinets. Reaching out to lightweight items in the upper cabinets is easy and safer than attempting to bring out heavier items.

  • Wipe spills immediately

Spills, especially oil spills, on the kitchen floor increase the risks of falls which, in turn, can lead to serious injuries. Make sure to wipe spills on the floor and countertops immediately.

  • Unplug kitchen appliances before cleaning

Regularly cleaning appliances is a good practice and buy the kitchen appliances from the best kitchen appliances company in India. Make sure that you unplug the appliances prior to cleaning them. Also, never clean/operate the appliances with wet hands. Always clean the appliances dry prior to using them.

  • Don’t wear loose clothing when cooking

Avoid wearing loose clothing when working in the kitchen. Loose clothing can easily catch fire and lead to serious injuries. Also, keep long hair tied back.

  • Keep potholders nearby

One of the important safety habits to practice and develop when working in the kitchen is to keep pot holders nearby.

Ensure safety in your kitchen by installing a modular design

Our ergonomically designed modular kitchen layout makes it easy for you to ensure safety in your kitchen space. Explore our modular kitchen designs at Kutchinakitchen.com.

Inspiring Ways to Uplift the Decor of Your Kitchen

Inspiring Ways to Uplift the Decor of Your Kitchen

Cooking becomes an enjoyable experience when your kitchen decor is right, and just the way you want it to be. When it comes to uplifting the decor of your kitchen, there are more ways to do it than you can imagine.

Here we discuss some of them (the inspirational ones):

  1. Use kitchen appliances as decorative accessories

Don’t just limit your kitchen appliances to their specific function. Instead, use them as decorative accessories. Plus, showcasing aesthetically-appealing appliances can add an inspirational element to your kitchen decor. Check efficient and visually appealing kitchen appliances at Kutchina – One of the best kitchen appliances company in India.

  1. Bring in greenery

Freshen up the aesthetics of your kitchen space by bringing in greenery. Shop for easy-to-maintain indoor plants such as Spider Plant, Aloe Vera, Areca Palm, Azalea, and Indian basil  and place them on countertops and table centers.

  1. Switch to better storage jars

Have open shelves in your kitchen? Using aesthetically appealing storage jars can drastically improve the overall look and feel of your kitchen. Choose storage jars that have a clean design for adding sophistication to your kitchen decor. Also, choose transparent jars to make it easier for you to choose the right ones without having to shuffle through each one of them.

  1. Hang window treatments

Spruce up your kitchen’s decor by using drapes that have refreshing designs.  However, do give a second thought on the type of drape you use as you don’t want it to get ruined from cooking stains.

  1. Improve the lighting

Bored with your kitchen’s decades-old light fixture? Try something new and inspirational; replace your existing light fixture with a colourful pendant. Changing your light fixture can totally transform your kitchen’s decor.

  1. Embrace contrasts

Contrasts are powerful; dark cabinets and countertops create a striking contrast with light wall colours. You can even use metal accents to create a dramatic contrasting effect in your kitchen.

  1. Install a modular layout

Modular layout is a must-have of every modern kitchen. By installing a modular design, you not only improve the overall aesthetic appeal of your kitchen, but also take the functionality several notches higher. Find out some pro modular kitchen design tips here that will help for 1st timers.

Choose from a wide range of modular layouts from Kutchina –one of the top modular kitchen brands in India

Our modular kitchen layouts feature ergonomic storage spaces that help you keep your kitchen clutter free.  Our modular kitchen layouts are inspired by contemporary designs, adding a modern and sophisticated look to your kitchen space. Explore our modular kitchen designs at Kutchinakitchen.com.

6 Rules For Good Kitchen Hygiene

6 Rules For Good Kitchen Hygiene

By maintaining a proper hygiene, you can lower the risks of food-borne illnesses. Over here we discuss 6 rules for maintaining good kitchen hygiene as the best modular kitchen brand in India:

 1) Wash your hands frequently

Dirty hands are a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Make sure you wash your hands prior to cooking.

2) Cook meals thoroughly

Never rush when preparing any meal as under-cooked food can contain bacteria that can lead to indigestion and eventually food poisoning. When cooking/preparing meat, especially red meat, make sure you boil the meat thoroughly to kill harmful bacteria.

3) Ensure proper food storage

Storing food items properly is just as important as thorough and attentive cooking. First off, clean the interior of your refrigerator every month or two to ensure best hygiene and eliminate bad odour.

Make sure you cover all food items when storing them in your refrigerator. Always check storage instructions of packaged food items. And don’t forget to check the ‘use by’ date to avoid eating food items past their usage date.

4) Use a good dust bin

When shopping for your kitchen’s dust bin, choose one with a covering lid. Also, make sure that you empty and clean your dustbin on a regular basis. By doing this, you can prevent bacteria to breed in food wastes that start to decompose.

5) Avoid cross contamination

Always use separate cutting/chopping boards for vegetables and meats/fish.  Using the same chopping board for cutting every food item increases the risk of cross contamination which, in turn, can lead to food poising. Label cutting boards as ‘veg,’ ‘meat,’ and ‘fish’ or use boards of different colours to cut different food items.

6) Clean the kitchen sink thoroughly

Clean your kitchen sink on a daily basis. Use a disinfectant or bleach along with hot water to thoroughly clean the sink. Scrub the entire sink, including the plus and plug chain.

Install a modular layout to keep your kitchen clutter free

By installing a modular layout, you can keep your kitchen clean and organised. Choose from the best modular kitchen designs at Kutchinakitchen.com.

Kitchen Tips For Monsoons

Kitchen Tips For Monsoons

Monsoon presents a number of challenges when it keeps to cooking and kitchen. Over here we discuss 7 tips to help you stay away from the common problems –

1) Prevent coconut oil from clotting
Coconut oil often clots during winter and monsoon. Avoid this by adding a few drops of mustard oil to the container where you store the coconut oil.

2) Maintain hygiene
Clean the kitchen appliances that you frequently use such as refrigerator and oven once a week during monsoon. Most importantly, get rid of the expired food items from the kitchen.

3) Clean regularly
Clean your kitchen’s floor and cabinets every day to prevent moisture from accumulating which can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Also, make sure you use disinfectants while you’re at it.

4) Ensure sufficient ventilation
One good way to get rid of monsoon moisture which can make everything sticky and unhygienic is to ensure proper ventilation in your kitchen. During daytime, open the windows and allow fresh air.
If opening the windows is not feasible for you, then you can use a kitchen chimney to prevent kitchen surfaces such as countertops and upper cabinets from getting moist. Our kitchen chimneys have high suction power can keep your cooking space free from cooking fumes and moisture. Explore our chimneys at give the relevant link

5) Secure electrical connection
Humidity during monsoons can have a damaging effect on your kitchen’s electrical connection which, in turn, can damage your kitchen appliances. Check and make sure that the electrical connections are secure and properly installed.

6) Store spices the right way
Spices are prone to fungal growth during the monsoons. Roast the spices for a couple of seconds prior to storing them in airtight containers. Never use a wet spoon to take out the spices from the containers.

Organised and clean kitchen all year round with Kutchina’s modular kitchen

As one of the top modular kitchen brands in India, we use the highest quality materials and attention to detail while designing modular kitchen models.

10 Kitchen Hacks That’ll Make You Smile

10 Kitchen Hacks That’ll Make You Smile

Kitchen design can influence cooking experience. An uncluttered, clean, and functional kitchen can help transform your cooking experience. At Kutchina, we are committed to making your cooking experience an enjoyable one. We have designed our modular kitchens in a way that suits the Indian cooking style. With innovative manufacturing perfected by German technology and Italian design innovations our modular kitchens are a complete package of style, functionality, and longer lifespan.

Over here we discuss 10 hacks (from cleaning hard stains, peeling garlic the easy way to keeping the kitchen organised) that will help you in kitchen.

1) Clean dishes with ease
Cake batter, chocolate, gravies, syrups, honey, and dough can stick to the side of dishes. And cleaning them can be a difficult task. Avoid ingredients from sticking by greasing the dish with a bit of cooking spray or vegetable oil once the cooking is done.

2) Peel garlic quickly
Peeling garlic the conventional way is time-consuming. Here’s one smart approach to quickly peel off garlic: cut the top and bottom part of the garlic, press it in a circular motion using a plate, and put inside a container and shake well. You’ll be surprised to see how quickly the outer layer of the garlic peels off.

3) Avoid stains when deseeding pomegranate
Stains that form on hands and clothes when deseeding pomegranates can be hard to remove. Avoid them by peeling the fruit in a bowl of water. Cut the top and bottom part and make several vertical slices along the ridges of the pomegranate before immersing it in the water.

4) Don’t chop garlic and ginger
Avoid chopping garlic and ginger the conventional, time-consuming way. Instead, grate them using a grater. Plus, grated garlic and ginger add more taste to recipes.

5) Soften butter fast
Use a cheese grater to shred cold butter into pieces that will soften quickly.

6) Cut soft food items the easy way
Cutting soft food items such as cakes and cheese can be challenging. Use an unflavoured dental floss to cut all soft food items.

7) Washing blackberries
Wash blackberries until you are ready to use them. Washing them and then not using them immediately can cause mold growth.

8) Cover Microwave dishes
Covering microwave dishes helps you cook food faster.

9) Cleaning a blender
Add a few drops of dishwashing soap in the blender. Fill half with hot water and then run it.

10) Store unused equipments
Clear the counter space by storing utensils and equipment that you don’t use regularly. Install a modular kitchen to get an organised look for your kitchen.

Improve your kitchen’s functionality with modular design
Modular kitchen designs not only improve the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen, but also add more functionality. Explore some of the best modular kitchen designs in India at Kutchinakitchen.com.

As one of the best modular kitchen brands in India, we are committed to transforming the kitchen experience for Indian consumers.