About Kutchina Modular Kitchen

Having more than a decade of successful presence in the kitchen appliance market, KUTCHINA strives to redefine the kitchen concept in modern Indian homes through its amazing range of modular kitchen design solutions and products.

We Design Kitchen Solutions for Contemporary Lifestyles

KUTCHINA understands the changing mindset of Indian consumers who want to add a global appeal to their kitchens. At the same time, we are aware that Indian cooking techniques and environmental conditions require an approach different from that of western kitchens. KUTCHINA’s modular kitchen is a blend of these two concepts, which is why our collection of products — from kitchen components to complete modular kitchen designs — enable you to create your dream Indian kitchen that matches design aesthetics of international standards.

We Innovate for Your Advantage

Thanks to our relentless R&D and our commitment towards innovation, we are recognised for developing the most technologically advanced products that are energy-efficient, low maintenance and consist of advanced functional features to not only meet but exceed the market demands. So with KUTCHINA, you are guaranteed to get more than what you expect.

We Nurture a Customer-First Mentality

We put you, our customers, above everything else. Right from our constant efforts to maintain affordability of our products without any compromise in quality to creating a wonderful purchase experience for our customers, KUTCHINA makes customer-satisfaction its top priority.
In fact, our balance between assured quality and cost-effectiveness is something most brands can’t come close to! Plus, with service centres located all over India and centralised customer-care centres, we are able to address customer queries and free maintenance and assistance needs within 48 hours.
We thank our customers for trusting us and motivating us to serve them better!

Our Journey

KUTCHINA’s journey in the realm of Indian kitchens started when Mr. Namit Bajoria of Bajoria Appliances Pvt Ltd. launched kitchen appliances under the brand name ‘KUTCHINA’. Since then, it has become one of the leading kitchen appliances makers of Eastern India, where it enjoys a market share of more than 70%. Our foray into modular kitchens continues to witness huge success and very soon, we’re envisioning ourselves to become the leading kitchen specialised in India.
KUTCHINA is at the forefront of changes taking over Indian kitchens, especially in Eastern India. We introduced India’s 1st auto-clean chimney and it continues to be one of our bestselling products till date. Our modular kitchens are included in our line of products to revolutionise the Indian kitchens. With designs that match contemporary International standards and functionalities that meet the needs of Indian cooking styles, KUTCHINA’s modular kitchens are a class-apart from its competitors.
Today, KUTCHINA is synonymous with reliability and value for money among our huge customer base and stakeholders. As one of our ongoing successes, our reach is consistently getting expanded to various market segments that were previously untouched.
We invite you to be a part of our exciting and fulfilling journey!

Our Vision

Right from our inception, our effort has been to bring world-class innovations to Indian kitchens to make the cooking experience much more enjoyable! KUTCHINA is constantly working towards that goal, achieving and creating new milestones along the way.
With our laser-sharp focus on innovation and outstanding quality, we strive to turn KUTCHINA into an industry benchmark. We are dedicated towards maintaining high standards of customer service because we believe in delivering nothing less than 100% customer satisfaction.
This is the philosophy that enables us to create shareholders value, enrich the lives of our employees and every other individual who comes in touch with our world.